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millions in lost economic output to utah. ominously, in colorado, the ski season was pushed back at least a week this winter for lack of snow. i'm sure my colleagues, whether we are from coastal or agricultural or mountain states, on both sides of the political aisle feel as concerned for their states' economies as i do for rhode island's. to protect these economies, we will all have to act prudently, and that means waking up and addressing climate change head-on here in congress. the majority of americans of all political affiliations accept the science behind climate change. yet congress refuses to act. there is a consensus among scientists somewhere around 98% -- i came the other day with a graph that showed -- it was a
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circular graph and the tiny little wedge of fringe dispute on this question is barely visible in the sea of agreement. and yet congress refuses to act. even after hearing from our national security officials about the dangers and threats from climate change, congress refuses to act. well, that refusal to act will have an impact on the american economy. a brookings report has found that well-designed climate legislation would increase investment, increase employment, and significantly increase america's gross domestic product. but here in congress, you're more likely to hear that any climate change legislation would hurt the economy and kill jobs. the opposite is true.
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we are missing opportunities to grow a clean economy that is manufacturing and export intensive and that creates the kind of jobs that support a strong american middle class. we are failing to protect against carbon pollution that will harm our state's economies all across the country, and we're failing to take prudent steps to protect ourselves against the coming changes from our carbon pollution that have now become unavoidable. the carbon's up in the air, the changes are going to happen. we can't stop those. we need to prepare for them and we're failing to take those prudent steps. and those of us on the east coast who weathered sandy have gotten a preview of coming attractions as the oceans continue to warm and extreme storms become more common. as i've said before, here in congress we are sleepwalking through history. we are lulled by the narcotic of
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corporate money, from the polluters and from their allies. we are ignoring the scientific facts. and we are refusing to awaken to the many ringing alarms that nature is now sounding. i hope that we can soon find a way to correct this grievous folly and omission. and i yield the floor.
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mr. enzi: mr. president, i'd suggest the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll. quorum call:
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quorum call:
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